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Teeth Whitening

It is common for your teeth to feel sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks after whitening.  For this reason, we recommend avoiding these things for a few days  if you notice sensitivity. Avoid wearing your trays overnight as this can increase the sensitivity and we recommend using Sensodyne or a high fluoride toothContinue Reading


Be sure to brush and floss thoroughly before wearing you nightguard.  In the morning, be sure to brush your nightguard with toothpaste to remove any plaque before storing it in its case. Depending on the level of grinding, a nightguard typically lasts 3-5 years.  If you notice holes developing in the biting surfaces, be sureContinue Reading

Dentures and Partials

Dentures, especially new ones, can develop sore spots which need to be adjusted.  If you notice any areas causing pain that don’t resolve in a few days be sure to call to have us adjust them.  This generally takes only a few minutes. It is recommended to leave your dentures out at night to giveContinue Reading


It is normal to have some sensitivity after a new filling is placed.  The level of sensitivity depends on the size and depth of the cavity being filled.  Minimizing very hot and cold foods can help with the sensitivity in the first several days. The composite fillings we place are fully hardened or cured beforeContinue Reading

Temporary Crowns

If your temporary crown should come off before you scheduled apt, it is ok to wait until the next business day to call to have it re-cemented. Vasoline can be placed inside the temporary crown and it can be placed back on the tooth to keep it covered up until you have it recemented.  ItContinue Reading


The length of time your mouth may be numb varies by individual but the average time is about three to five hours after your appointment. It is important to remember to avoid eating while you are numb to prevent biting your cheek, lip, or tongue. If you are sore at the injection site or developContinue Reading